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So, what is your tolerance for parasites?  We're talking about fleas, intestinal worms, ticks, heartworms, etc.  I can tell you that my tolerance for these nasty pests is zero!  I don't want them on or in my pets, and certainly don't want them on or in me or my kids.  And yes, your pets can share these unwelcome visitors with you and your family.

For example:
  • If your pet has hookworms and is passing eggs in their stool, they contaminate the environment. The resulting larvae may then penetrate the skin of your feet (or hands if you are working in the soil) and result in a disease called cutaneous larva migrans.  The larvae actually migrate within your skin causing intensely itchy lesions.  
  • Roundworm eggs, if ingested by a person (child with dirty hands from playing in a contaminated environment, for instance) may result in migration of larvae from the GI tract and into other organs, including the liver, lungs, and eye.  This is called visceral (or ocular, if the eye is involved) larva migrans.
  • Fleas are capable of carrying diseases that can infect both people and pets, such as tapeworms.
  • Ticks carry a large number of diseases that can be dangerous for dogs, cats, and people. 

So, what do you do to keep your pets free of parasites?  You'll find our best recommendations below.

These are not necessarily the cheapest parasite control products on the market, but we feel they are the best products for protecting your pets and your family.   However, we do think that you'll find our pricng on these products to be very reasonable compared to other vendors.

For Dogs we recommend the following:
  • A ProHeart 6 injection every 6 months to prevent heartworms.
  • A Bravecto chewable tablet every 3 months for flea and tick prevention.

We like these products due to their long acting properties.  The combination of ProHeart 6 and Bravecto recommended above reduces the number of treatments you have to give your dog at home from as high as 12 to only 2 treatments every 6 months to control heartworms, fleas, and ticks.

Other products we feel work well for dogs include Trifexis, Sentinel, and Vectra 3D.

For cats we recommend the following:

  • Revolution applied every 28 days.

Revolution prevents heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, ear mites, and fleas in cats.  It is one of our favorite products for cats because it covers so many concerns with a single, easy to apply dose, once a month.  While it is applied topically, selamectin (the active ingredient in Revolution) is absorbed through the skin and works systemically.  You don't have to worry about it being washed or groomed off.

While heartworm disease in cats is not something we have traditionally been concerned about, there is a growing amount of new information that shows that heartworms do pose a significant threat to the health of cats.  Watch the video below for more information on heartworm disease in cats!  

Want more information about parasites that may cause problems for you and your pets?  Check out the website of the Companion Animal Parasite Council.  They're the experts and they have a great site with loads of information.  Just click on the link below:
CAPC Website
Our Best Recommendations at a Glance

For Dogs
ProHeart 6 injection every 6 months for heartworm control.

Simparica for fleas and ticks every month.

For Cats
Revolution Every Month for Heartworm, Flea, Instestinal Parasite and Ear Mite control. 

Do Cats Really Need Heartworm Prevention?


Find out more about cats and heartworm disease by clicking on either of the links below or just watch the video at the bottom of this page.  Doing so might just save your cat's life!


KNOW Heartworms

...but there are some things you don't want them to share.
They will share a special bond...
For more information on heartworm disease in cats, visit the American Heartworm Society website.

Feline Heartworm Video
Do Indoor Cats Need Annual Parasite Screening and Year-round Prevention?


Did you know:

  • 20% of feline heartworm cases are in indoor cats.

  • 15% of potting soil samples contain roundworm eggs.

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