At PetVet Animal Health Center, we offer all the services you need to keep your pets healthy and happy! 
Preventive Care Services:   One of the most valuable services we can provide for you is the development of a sound preventive care program for your pets.  While there are certain components of a preventive care program that will be necessary for all pets (rabies vaccination, for example), we also realize that each pet and each situation is unique. Our goal is to work with you and understand your pet's lifestyle and the risks that may be present for your pets.  From there we can provide you with good advice about vaccinations, appropriate parasite prevention, and diet choices that would be best for each pet.  An investment in routine exams, vaccines, parasite prevention, and spaying or neutering, almost always results in a healthier, happier, pet.
PetVet Animal Hospital - Auburn, AL - Opelika, AL - Veterinary - Digitial Radiograph, x-ray
PetVet Animal Hospital - Auburn, AL - Opelika, AL - Veterinary- Preventive Care - Vaccine - Syringe - Stethoscope
PetVet Animal Hospital - Auburn, AL - Opelika, AL - Veterinary - Laboratory Diagnostics Lab Equipment
Digital Radiography:  Digital radiography means improved images, quicker image acquisition, and less radiation exposure for your pets and for us.  It also gives us the ability to easily share images with radiologists or other specialists, and with you!
Medical Care for Sick Pets:  If you do find yourself with a sick pet, we are here to help.  Dr. Brawner has been in practice for 13 years and has experience managing a wide variety of medical conditions.  Dr. Riggs, as a recent graduate of Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine, is familiar with the most up to date diagnostic and treatment information available to help an ailing pet.  Both of our doctors attend continuing education seminars on a routine basis, bringing new information back to share with you and our staff.  If your pet is sick, you can feel confident that we will be available and ready to assist you.  
Surgical Care:  Almost every pet will, at some time, require some type of surgical procedure.  For most pets, that first surgical procedure comes at an early age with a spay or neuter procedure.  However, beyond that, we see surgical cases every day to remove various lumps and bumps, repair wounds, repair joint injuries, etc.

Because surgery is an important part of what we do, we've invested in the training and equipment necessary to do it safely and effectively.  All surgical patients that will be put under general anesthesia receive a thorough exam prior to surgery, including pre-anesthetic blood analysis.  Patients are closely monitored while under anesthesia.  Heart rate and rhythm (ECG), blood oxygenation, blood pressure, and respiratory rate and quality are all monitored throughout the anesthetic period.

Our doctors are experienced with a wide range of surgical procedures and we feel confident that if your pet requires surgery, we are ready to help you.    
PetVet Animal Hospital - Auburn, AL - Opelika, AL - Veterinary - Surgery - surgical instruments
Dental Care:  Say Ahhh!  Your pets dental health is actually very important, and periodontal disease (disease of the gums and teeth) is the most common disease encountered in dogs and cats.  At PetVet Animal Health Center we are prepared to help you with any of your pet's dental care needs.  Dr. Brawner and Dr. Murphy routinely attend the annual Veterinary Dental Forum and have had the opportunity to receive additional training from a number of board certified veterinary dentists.  In fact, we believe dental health is so important, that we've devoted an entire section of this website to it.  You can find it HERE.
PetVet Animal Hospital - Auburn, AL - Opelika, AL - Veterinary - Dental Care - Dentistry - Cat with mouth open
Ultrasound:  The first step in treating any sick patient is to get a good diagnosis of the problem.  Ultrasound provides an excellent, non-invasive, tool for helping us diagnose a wide range of diseases.  Ultrasound can be used to assess most internal organs in ways that radiography cannot.  We can look at the internal structure of liver, spleen, kidney, urinary bladder, intestine, etc.  This helps us not only in reaching the correct diagnosis but also in treatment planning.  And because all of our images are saved in a digital format, consulting with specialists, when needed, is easy and effective.  
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In House Laboratory Diagnostics:  At PetVet Animal Health Center, we have the ability to provide a wide array of diagnostic testing services right here at the hospital.  This means that, in most cases, you don't have to wait until the next day to get diagnostic results for a sick pet.  We can provide those results in just a few minutes.  This means quicker treatment and a quicker recovery for your pet.  

Our in house diagnostic equipment gives us the ability to perform CBCs (complete blood counts), blood chemistry profiles (to assess internal organ function, blood sugar, blood proteins, electrolytes, etc), thryroid function screening, urinalysis, stool examination, cytological (microscopic) examination of lumps and other skin lesions, and many other diagnostics.