Cat Friendly Practice: Comfort for You and Your Cat

Veterinary visits are all too often a stressful experience for cats and their owners. Cats are taken out of their comfort zone into a place full of unfamiliar people and other pets. The Cat Friendly Practice aim is to lessen the stress for each cat by taking extra steps to ensure the best experience. At PetVet Animal Health Center in Auburn, you can expect exceptional care at each and every visit.

Understanding Your Cats Needs

Cats have very specific needs when visiting a veterinarian. At PetVet, our staff are trained to understand cat behavior and make the necessary arrangements to ensure your cat is as comfortable as possible. Our feline friendly environment means we offer examine rooms specific for cats, devoid of dog smells and sounds. A calm, comfy cat means a more effective exam!

At a cat friendly practice, you can expect:

  • A feline-friendly environment designed to be calming and comfortable.
  • Veterinary teams who understand how to handle cats gently and with compassion.
  • Appropriate facilities and equipment used in diagnosing and treating cats.
  • An understanding of cat behavior, making exams and diagnostics more effective.

A Global Initiative for Better Feline Care

Cat friendly practices are becoming more common as veterinarians recognize the specific needs of cats and develop solutions on how to handle them. The American Association of Feline Practitioners awards practices who meet very specific standards with the Cat Friendly Practice status. The program is a global initiative, so cats all over the world are benefiting from better veterinary experiences.

Schedule an appointment for your cat today to experience the Cat Friendly Practice difference!

PetVet Animal Health Center

PetVet Animal Health Center

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