A Safe Place for Your Pet

With three of our veterinarians being Fear Free Certified Professionals, PetVet Animal Health Center has taken the fear free philosophy to heart. The certified staff at our Auburn practice use the tools they’ve gained from their certification training to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in each of our patients. What’s more, we consistently learn more with Fear Free continuing education to both refresh and keep us on the cutting edge of best practices.

What Makes a Fear Free Visit Different

Each visit to our animal hospital should be a calm, productive experience for both your pet and you. Methods to encourage a fear free environment are varied and each technique will, of course, work differently on each individual pet. What may stress out one pet, may have no effect on another, so constant vigilance into each pet’s particular behavior is paramount.

Fear Free methods may include:

  • Using treats to both reward and distract your pet. For this to be most effective, we often ask that you limit your pet’s consumption before coming in to see us.
  • Quickly getting you and your pet into an exam room, so as not to spend too much time in the lobby.
  • Developing ways to create a calm atmosphere in exam rooms so your pet will relax.
  • Examining your pet wherever they feel most comfortable—whether on the exam table, the floor, in their crate or in your lap!
  • Always using gentle handling and restraint techniques.

We may also offer advice on how to prepare your pet for a visit with us. Some dogs may have trouble with car rides, while cats may need a bit of help getting used to their carriers. Things like calming medications and pheromone sprays will often do the trick.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Fear Free Certified Professionals, get in touch today!

PetVet Animal Health Center

PetVet Animal Health Center