Alex Cervasio

Alex is another friendly face at our front desk and also works diligently behind the scenes organizing all things office related. She was born in Atlanta, spent 3 years in Dothan, and moved to Auburn in August of 2016 when she joined us here at PetVet. Alex is currently a part-time student with aspirations of becoming a pharmacist in the future. She feels there is nothing greater than relationships and enjoys having the ability to connect with people through their pets. You can find her unique arts and crafts through her Etsy page, FaithfulBee Designs. She also loves to read and play board games in her free time. She has five furry companions: Boomer, a beagle mix; Rue, a chonky calico; Duke, a Boxer-mix; Baby Kitty, the world’s best cat; and Harley, a domestic long-hair who had his chin sutured with a button as a small kitten.