Chris is our surgical assistant. Whenever your pet visits us for any surgical procedure, Chris is our guy behind the scenes monitoring their anesthesia. Originally from New York, he made his way south in 1995 and has resided in Prattville, AL since. Chris first met Dr. Brawner while working with him in Montgomery and joined him at PetVet 5 years ago. Outside of work, he enjoys numerous activities to occupy his time. His greatest passion is photography, and he enjoys the opportunity to capture images of landscapes, birds, and herps both locally and across the country. He is an avid hard rock music fan and can often be found in the concert crowd on the weekends. Chris has numerous furry companions at home including several Shetland Sheepdogs, English Pointers, one Clumber Spaniel, one Frenchie, and a cat who likely very much thinks she is a dog.